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Warehouse Workers Commission Report and Launch

An evening of food, culture and testimonials Saturday, November 23, 2019, 4 pm - 6 pm Immigrant Workers Centre, 4755 Ave Van Horne Suite 110, Montréal https://www.facebook.com/events/2678167875566768/ The Immigrant Workers Centre would like to invite you to participate in the launch of our report which was based on a two-year investigation on the conditions faced by warehouse workers in Montreal. There will be an event on Saturday, November 23rd at... Read more →

Placement Agency Organizing at the IWC in 2018-2019

Over the past year, ATTAP has had three main priorities. Here, we will provide an overview of organizing activity which has taken place to advance those priorities.   Over the past year, the Immigrant Workers Centre has continued its efforts to organize workers who are employed via placement agency. The main organizing body that does this work is the Association des travailleuses-eurs temporaires et d’agences de placement (ATTAP), a branch... Read more →

Agency Workers Have the Right to Holiday Pay. Did you get yours?

Agency Workers Have the Right to Holiday Pay. Did you get yours? If you didn't receive your holiday pay on May 21st, June 24th, or July 1st, bring your pay stubs to 4755 Van Horne, Suite 110 (near Metro Plamondon), on July 6th at 3:30pm. The Temporary Agency Worker's Association can help you claim it. https://www.facebook.com/events/500870933314562

Help us Keep the Immigrant Workers Centre open

The Immigrant Workers Centre has experienced one of it busiest years as more and more courageous workers, sometimes without status, fighting for respect and protection against bosses, who believe that workplace abuse is justified particularly if the worker is a recent immigrant or someone without status. Staff and volunteers at the centre accompany workers in their fight back. For individuals with grievances, it takes many hours to prepare cases, do... Read more →

Family of Four cruelly deported yesterday in Montreal!

Family of four cruelly deported Immigration Canada rushed to expel family before agreement with US expired Link To photos from Rally on October 29th to stop the deportation of the Des Roy Family => //picasaweb.google.com/fgNewmail/NewAlbum301009241PM?feat=email#   Montreal, 29 October 2009 -- A family of four was deported this morning after a very painful parting from friends, community members and supporters. Early this... Read more →

Launch of the Temporary Agency Worker Association!

This past December 14th, A group of Temporary Placement Agency Workers raging from undocumented workers, from agency workers in hotels, day laborers working in greenhouses, to factory workers in distribution centres, to other where-house workers, and low wage workers In the health care sector came together to launch the Temporary Agency Worker Association.   The association aims to create a framework to campaign for the labour rights of agency workers.... Read more →

Justice for L’Amour textile workers!

The Struggle Continues: Support Picket with Immigrant Textile workers Justice for L'Amour textile workers!!! The Struggle Continues: Support Picket with Immigrant Textile workers :: Justice for L'Amour textile workers!!! ================== Monday July 14th, 2008 8:30am-9:30am 35 Port-Royal East. Port-Royal and St. Laurent. (metro Sauve)or 55 north from metro De castelnau get off at Port-Royal ================== On Monday July 14th, a group of textile workers once again will go in front... Read more →

Migrant Voices

Migrant Voices is a series of testimonies recorded in workshops organized by the IWC. In these segments, workers share their stories about their lives and struggles in their places of work. This project is part of the ongoing efforts of the IWC to help organize workers to defend their rights, and to raise awareness about im/migrant labour justice in Montreal. In these recordings, workers tell of their struggles for dignity... Read more →

The unbearable temporariness of being

The IWC Experience From temp agencies to temporary foreign workers, capitalism has renewed its offensive against the working people in an attempt to once again restructure work relations to serve the bottom line.  Tens of workers are arriving at our door each month with complaints varying from unjust dismissals, unpaid overtime, psychological harassment, CSST claims, collective dismissal cases, and unpaid wages. Now their troubles are exacerbated by the temporariness of... Read more →

Press Conference: stop fraudulent Temp agencies

URGENT! The Government must stop Temporary Workers Agencies and their clients' fraudulent practices The day after Radio-Canada's broadcast of the TV program, "Enquête", on October 21st 2010, Au bas de l'échelle and the Immigrant Workers Centre denounce the government's laxity that makes it possible for some agencies to systematically abuse workers who are most vulnerable. It is obvious, as demonstrated in "Enquête", that some Temporary Workers Agencies are enterprises of... Read more →

Pilgrimage to Freedom: Breaking the Chains of Indentureship Thanksgiving Weekend – October 10, 2010

Pilgrimage to Freedom: Breaking the Chains of Indentureship Thanksgiving Weekend - October 10, 2010 Support migrant workers and allies who will be marching from Leamington to Windsor, Ontario to call attention to the living and working conditions of migrant workers who grow and process our food this Thanksgiving. Migrant workers are marching to demand status, an end to exorbitant recruitment fees, better housing, safe working conditions and an end to... Read more →

Montréal International Women’s Conference set for August 13-16, 2010

Media Advisory, Montreal, Quebec, Friday, August 6, 2010 The first Montreal International Women’s Conference hosted by the Committee of Women of Diverse Origins is set to get underway August 13-16, 2010 in Montreal, Quebec. For close to a decade a group of Montreal-based women have been working tirelessly to improve women’s lives here and abroad. They are the Committee of Women of Diverse Origins, and as the name suggests, their... Read more →

Journee internationale des femmes 2010

FEMMES DE DIVERSES ORIGINES VOUS INVITE À DEUX ACTIVITÉS Samedi le 6 mars 2010 10h à 17h Rencontre "Retour aux sources" Présentations par les groupes-membres du réseau FDO-WDO - nos enjeux, défis, victoires (petites et grandes); avec présentations culturelles et déjeuner Lieu: CRAC, 6839, rue Drolet, Montréal, Québec (Métro Jean-Talon ou Beaubien) ___ Lundi, le 8 mars 2010 MANIFESTATION À MONTRÉAL Célébrons le centenaire de la Journée internationale des femmes... Read more →

Les travailleurs agricoles ne méritent pas notre respect

par Pierre-Louis Fortin-Legris Il est un lieu commun qui veut que le marché du travail soit un mutant. Transformations par-ci, mutations par-là. Le milieu agricole n’y échappe pas. Nos cornichons viennent d’Inde et nos terres sont labourées par des Guatémaltèques de passage qui, tels des cornichons, n’ont pas le droit de s’organiser collectivement. Depuis quelques années, les conditions de vie des travailleurs agricoles saisonniers font l’objet d’une attention soutenue de... Read more →

Laid-off employees take action

A St. Laurent company lauded by the provincial government for its treatment of minorities - and a recipient of nearly $124,000 in government assistance this year to hire, train and keep mainly immigrant workers - unexpectedly closed shop this fall. Now, the 50 employees who lost their jobs at the beginning of October when Cellulab Inc. shut down want Quebec to come to their aid. Backed by the Immigrant Workers'... Read more →

Travailleur Agricole

La Commission des relations du travail refuse d'entendre par visioconférence un travailleur agricole guatémaltèque Montréal (Québec), 8 octobre 2009 - La Commission des relations du travail, tribunal administratif chargé entre autres d'entendre les recours des travailleurs victimes de pratiques interdites, vient de refuser la demande d'un travailleur agricole migrant qui habite au Guatemala d'être entendu par visioconférence.La Commission des relations du travail refuse d'entendre par visioconférence un travailleur agricole guatémaltèque... Read more →

Support the Immigrant Workers Centre Become a monthly sustainer

Dear friend, It’s been nine years since the Immigrant Workers Centre (IWC) first opened in Montreal. In those nine years, we have grown from strength to strength. Our modest office on Victoria Avenue in the heart of Côte-Des-Neiges hums with activity and intensity. Established in 2000 by immigrant workers and a few allies, we now work with over 700 immigrant workers each year. Monthly Donations Donate : $5.00CAD - monthlyDonate... Read more →

IWC Solidarity message to the workers of Triumph International in the Philippines and Thailand

September 16, 2009 We at the Immigrant Workers’ Centre in Montreal, Quebec would like to extend a message of support and solidarity to the workers of Triumph International Philippines and thailand, the Bagong Pagkakaisa ng mga Manggagawa sa Triumph International (New Unity of Workers in Triumph International-Philippines) and Triumph Labour Union Thailand in their denunciation of the unjust practices and treatment of workers by Triumph International in both countries. Under... Read more →


Interested in community journalism? CKUT 90.3FM & the Dominion present ALTERNATIVE MEDIA OPEN HOUSE in COTE-DES-NEIGES! *************************************************************************** LOCATION: Nelson Mandela Park, with the Immigrant Workers Center (ave. Barclay & ave. Victoria, metro Plamond) TIME: 5:00pm-7:30pm DATE: WEDNESDAY, July 22th *Free food provided by Midnight Kitchen (more…)

IWC on Radio Show

CKUT in collaboration with IWC broadcasting community radio show from Nelson Mandela park (corner Victoria and Barcklay) THis Wednesday July 22nd, 2009 between 5:30 and 7:30! Come to support our community and delight on our free snacks!!!!


SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE SHEIKH FAMILY! DETENTION REVIEW, MONDAY, JULY 13 AT NOON. *********************** Monday, July 13, 2009 12PM Gathering 1PM Detention Review 200 Réné-Lévésque O. (metro Place-des-arts) *********************** IMMIGRATION CANADA DEPORTS THE PARENTS & LEAVES CHILDREN TO PICK UP THE PIECES OF THEIR DEVASTATED LIVES! Sabir Mohammed Sheikh and Seema Sheikh, originally from Karachi, Pakistan, were accepted as refugees in Canada in 2001. The Sheikh family of four... Read more →

Petition in support of Laid off Textile workers in Montreal!

Petition in support of Laid off Textile workers in Montreal! To our friends and allies of the Immigrant Workers Center. We are launching a petition as part of our campaign to seek real justice for laid off textile workers, who are mainly low-waged immigrant workers and in Montreal during this economic crisis. as they are being laid off in the thousands without any compensation or ability to pay the rent... Read more →

Manif d’information pour les travailleurs du textile mis à pied: dépannage pour les travailleurs, pas les patrons!Bail out the workers not the bosses!

Manif d’information pour les travailleurs du textile mis à pied: dépannage pour les travailleurs, pas les patrons! -----------> Vendredi Avril 24 à 3pm, Piquetage mobile à partir du coin de st. Laurent et de Louvain <---------- Comme la crise économique s'approfondit, le taux de chômage à Montreal en mars a presque approche le 9,3%. A Montreal l'industrie textile représente 55% pour cent de l'industrie des textiles canadienne. Il représente presque... Read more →

Crackdown is omen of worst things to come

The International Migrants Alliance (IMA) denounces the Canadian government in the strongest possible terms after its Canadian Border Services Agency rounded up and detained last week over 100 migrant workers considered illegal in Greater Toronto Area. The said raids, according to Canadian authorities, are a part of the three-month probe into illegal immigration after a more stringent immigration policy was imposed a few months ago. “The crackdown on our fellow... Read more →

Délai De Carence – Public Assembly in Parc-Extension

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm 419 rue Saint Roch, Room SS13 (métro Parc) The Immigrant Workers' Centre, along with Project Genesis and the Comité d'Action Parc Extension are hosting an event to educate people about community resources for new immigrants and temporary workers faced with barriers to health care. Come learn how to defend your rights and connect with differentorganizations in the community working together to change... Read more →

CTV Montreal – March For International Women’s Day

March for International Women's Day Updated: Sun Mar. 08 2009 6:39:44 PM Organizers for this year's march for International Women's Day are aiming to highlight a number of local and international issues. "Every year, we march down the streets of Montreal and assert our power to fight for our futures and demand justice for all. We take to the streets to celebrate and stand in solidarity with the daily struggles... Read more →

TAC-tical pressure

December 18th, 2008 Montreal's Tamil community instigates awareness campaign Stefan Christoff Montreal's Tamil community wants to raise awareness about the worsening conflict in Sri Lanka as well as protect Tamil refugee applicants in Canada who face deportation back to a war zone. In recent months, the Sri Lankan military has heightened aerial bombardments and military actions in areas home to the separatist Tamil Tigers, vowing to flush them out by... Read more →

Vigile de la communauté tamoule pour marquer la Journée internationale des droits de la personneTamil community to hold vigil on International Human Rights Day

Le vigile aura lieu le 10 décembre à compter de 11h, devant le Complexe Guy Favreau, 200, ouest boul. René-Lévesque. Pour attirer l'attention du public sur la crise humanitaire qui se déroule au Sri Lanka, les Tamouls de Montréal tiendront un vigile le 10 décembre, devant le Complexe Guy Favreau. On demandera au Gouvernement du Canada d'intervenir auprès du Gouvernement du Sri Lanka pour faire cesser les bombardements des populations... Read more →

Annual General Meeting- Sunday December 7, 2008

The Immigrant Workers' Centre Invites you to the centers' 9th annual general meeting. Over the past year, the center has been bustling with campaigns and victories. Please have a look around this website to learn more about our work with textile workers, domestic workers, victims of police brutality, those left out of the health care system and much more. This year we will be launching our membership drive. Please come... Read more →

CTI-IWC to mark International Human Rights Day 2008

Tamil press conference and vigil on International Human Rights Day in front of 200 Rene Levesque, Complex Guy Favreau, Montréal, Québec (Metro Place-des-Arts – green line or Metro Place d'Armes – orange line) December 10, 2008 11 am – 12 noon Public Forum on International Human Rights Day Speakers from the Tamil, Filipino and Palestinian communities will present on the human rights situation in Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Palestine.... Read more →

Justice for Immigrant Workers in Parc Extension!

Supper, Information Session, & Discussion ========================> Wednesday December 3rd 2008 5pm-8pm 419 st Roch Room SS17, Parc-X community Centre (metro parc) <======================== Are you an immigrant? A day labourer? Are you employed? Unemployed? Having trouble at work? Do you know somebody who is being deported? Come share your story with us! The Immigrant Workers Center, along with the Jobra Center, Himalaya Seniors, and the Comite d'Action Parc Extension are presenting... Read more →

Warning! Domestic work can be dangerous to your immigration status, health, safety and wallet!

Come to a community event to LAUNCH the results of a survey on the work conditions of domestic workers Entrance free Cultural presentation on the concrete experiences of caregivers When: Sunday, November 9, 2008, 15h00 to 18h00 Where: 6767 Cote-des-Neiges, Montreal Supper will be served, plus entertainment _____________________ P I N A Y Filipino Women’s Organization in Quebec Organisation des femmes Philippines du Québec 7595 Central Ave. Lasalle, Quebec H8P... Read more →

Montreal – Migrants and Refugees Speak-out!

This event is part of a world-wide response by migrant workers to counter the UN-sponsored Global Forum on Migration and Development to be held in Manila at the end of October 2008. Organized by the International Migrants Alliance - Canada Sunday, October 26, 2008 3pm - 6pm 6767 Cote-des-Neiges (Cote-des-Neiges Community Centre) Speakers: Tamil refugees, migrant farm workers, live-in caregivers and immigrant textile workers With cultural presentations, food and drink... Read more →

CTV Montreal Headline News: ‘Helping Immigrants’

Some of the most exploited people in the work force are immigrants and those hoping to gain citizenship here in Canada. Some people don't know what their rights are and when they do, some don't know where to turn.That's where the Immigrant Workers Centre steps in. Debra Arbec from CTV in Montreal looks at the work of the CTI-IWC on the show My Montreal. Watch the video at //montreal.ctv.ca/cfcf/video_popup?news_id=26583


La Ligue des Droits et Libertés et la Ligue des Noirs du Québec se joignent à la Coalition Justice pour Anas pour demander que l'enquête publique du coroner sur la mort de Anas Bennis, ordonnée en juin 2008, puisse avoir lieu comme prévu. Ils continuent d'exiger une enquête publique complète et indépendante sur la mort de Anas aux mains de la police de Montréal en décembre 2005. Montréal, 21 october... Read more →

Portraits of a Movement: Immigrant Workers Continue the Fight Against Unjust Dismissal

Montreal, October 8, 2008 - More than 60 former workers at a Montreal textile factory, Lamour Inc., are involved in a campaign for just compensation. Although the workers have been laid off in small groups, collectively, they believe these lay-offs should be considered collective and therefore they should be eligible for a substantial termination package. Many of them have been working for this company for more than 10 years, with... Read more →

Axed Lamour workers are still fighting for help – Montreal Gazette

Montreal, October 9, 2008 - The Immigrant Workers Centre went to bat again yesterday for the more than 500 Lamour Inc. textile workers who have lost jobs since 2006. Centre lawyer Alexandra Law and two of the affected employees met with a pair of aides for Employment Minister Sam Hamad at his office in Old Montreal during a noon-hour demonstration by about 60 of those workers and their supporters. The... Read more →

Rassemblement Pour Venir En Aide Au Travailleurs De L’usine de Textile L’Amour mercredi, le 8 octobre, 2008.What Textile Workers’ Want; Demonstration on Wednesday, October 8, 2008.

====================== mercredi, le 8 octobre, 2008 12:00 pm à 1:00 pm Ministre de L'emploi et de La Solidarité Sociale 800 rue Square Victoria (Métro Square-Victoria) ======================= Le lundi 8 octobre un groupe de travailleurs et travaileuses du textile va demonstrer leur solidarité devant la bureau de Ministre de L'emploi et de La Solidarité Sociale à 800 rue Square Victoria (Métro Square-Victoria) Les travailleurs de l'usine l'Amour n'ont pas reçu aucune... Read more →

Lancement de International Migrants’ Alliance au CanadaLaunch of International Migrants’ Alliance in Canada

Chers ami-e-s, travailleurs et travailleuses migrants, militant-e-s pour les droits sociaux, Lancement de l'Alliance internationale des migrants - section Québec/Canada! Vous êtes tous et toutes invité-e-s au lancement de l'Alliance internationale des migrants - section Québec/Canada! Quand:   Samedi le 4 october 15h à 18h OU:        UQAM, Pavillon Hubert Aquin salle A050 400, Ste-Catherine est, coin St-Denis, Métro Berri, Montréal, Québec Conférencière: Wahu Kaara de Kenya Rapport des groupes ayant participé... Read more →

Ex-workers challenge Lamour

Ex-workers challenge Lamour Want compensation. Also allege union failed in duties to members MIKE KING The Gazette Tuesday, July 22, 2008 Lamour Inc., a 55-year-old Montreal clothing manufacturer with 2,500 employees worldwide, is being challenged by about 20 workers from its local factory who lost their jobs last year. Claiming they were “unceremoniously laid off” at the end of September, the group is demanding fair compensation for their years of... Read more →

Statement by the l’Amour Workers Campaign Committee

Montréal,  Québec, Canada — We are a group of former workers of the apparel company, Lamour Inc. We were unceremoniously laid off in 2007. In the photo illustrating this blog, you can see some of us with our supporters during an rally we held earlier this year on a freezing cold winter day. As you can see, we did not let a little icy Montréal weather get in the way... Read more →
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