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Cuisines Collectives Interculturelles

Dialogue, Rapprochement et Action Collective Le Centre des travailleurs et travailleuses immigrants (CTI) a été fondé en 1999 à Montréal et poursuit aujourd’hui son travail dans plusieurs villes du Québec. Le projet des « Cuisines collectives interculturelles » (CCI) émerge d’un long processus de réflexion et d’action qui remonte aux débuts de l’implantation du CTI, section Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, en 2012. Depuis neuf ans de travail au Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, les membres du CTI... Read more →

Notes du Centre des travailleurs et travailleuses immigrants (CTI) à l’égard de La planification de l’immigration au Québec pour la période 2020-2022

Volume de l’immigration Compte tenu de l’évolution démographique, notamment provenant du vieillissement de la population et de la retraite des baby-boomers prévue dans les années 2020, il y a une nécessité économique de l’augmentation du volume de l’immigration. Plus profondément, en tant que constituante du monde globalisée, le Québec a la responsabilité morale d’assumer dans sa capacité maximale la population quittant leur pays en dépit des difficultés manifestes en vue... Read more →

Resolution Demanding the Protection of Human Rights at Dollarama: Press Conference Faced with the Resolution Submitted by the BCGEU to the Dollarama Shareholders’ Annual General Meeting

Montreal, June 8, 2021. – To the Dollarama shareholders’ annual general meeting, scheduled for June 9th, a resolution has been submitted by the British Columbia Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU). The resolution stresses the need to insure the human rights of workers and requests that “Dollarama prepare a report outlining how it assesses and mitigates the human rights risks arising out of its use of third-party staffing agencies for... Read more →

Pour Montréal « responsable et engagée » : appuyant la Motion à soutenir la régularisation des personnes sans statut légal vivant sur son territoire

Montréal, le 22 février 2021. La Motion visant à soutenir la régularisation des personnes sans statut égal vivant sur son territoire, proposée par Mme Giuliana Fumagalli et appuyée par M. Marvin Rotrand, sera discutée aujourd’hui au Conseil de la Ville de Montréal. Des organisations oeuvrant auprès des personnes à statut précaire ou sans statut, Centre des travailleurs et travailleuses immigrants (CTI), Association des travailleurs et travailleuses temporaires d’agence de placement... Read more →

City of Montreal: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

The city of Montréal has been talking the talk with community groups and activist networks fighting for regularization for years. It's time to walk the walk!   For Immediate Release, Friday, February 5th   The Immigrant Workers Centre (IWC) and other groups have been in consultation with the Ville de Montréal since 2017, including a recent meeting last week surrounding the impacts of the curfew on undocumented people in the... Read more →

Press Release: “End curfew repression! Stop police harassment!”

The IWC issues four demands to protect precarious essential workers   Montreal, January 26, 2021. Precarious workers demand an immediate end to the harassment, detention, ticketing and arbitrary bullying of essential workers without status by police on the pretext of enforcing the curfew. The Immigrant Workers Centre demand that the following policies be implemented immediately:   A don't ask, don't tell policy for workers without status Acceptance of the essential... Read more →

Precarious Immigrant Workers Respond to Legault’s Policy Trainwreck: The Coalition Against Precarious Work Ask Legault Listen to Their Demands

MONTREAL, December 12, 2020: The coalition against Precarious Work invites media to an online press conference. Workers will present their misgivings about current policies and demands related to workplace health and safety and immigration policy. Online Press Conference: 11 a.m. Saturday, December 12, 2020 Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0sfuCtqDkjHNQ1udMxnibXZbocmT_WIaeF Campaign Launch event: 6 p.m. Saturday, December 12, 2020à Register for the Zoom event here: https://bit.ly/2VVyeIk Removing snow from truck trailers is dangerous... Read more →

Essential Work should not be Precarious Work: Workers speak up for better conditions during COVID-19 Pandemic

What: Press Conference (Zoom link available by request) When: 10am Friday May 1st, 2020 Who: Coalition against Precarious Work Jorge Frozzini, Community Organizer Immigrant Workers Centre Charles, former Dollarama warehouse worker living in Montreal Nord Andrew and his mother, meat processing plant worker Eric, Current agricultural worker and Temporary Foreign Worker Celina San Juan, precarious worker fighting for her status and access to the CERB Jennifer, a caregiver who has... Read more →
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Temporary suspension of public office hours

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 -- Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Immigrant Workers' Centre (IWC-CTI) is suspending its hours of operation and its legal clinic. If you have any questions regarding work-related issues or your status as a migrant worker, please call (514) 342-2111 or email us at iwc_cti@yahoo.com. Leave your name and phone number. We will contact you within 24 hours. We will post important information for workers regarding... Read more →
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Warehouse Workers Commission Report and Launch

An evening of food, culture and testimonials Saturday, November 23, 2019, 4 pm - 6 pm Immigrant Workers Centre, 4755 Ave Van Horne Suite 110, Montréal https://www.facebook.com/events/2678167875566768/ The Immigrant Workers Centre would like to invite you to participate in the launch of our report which was based on a two-year investigation on the conditions faced by warehouse workers in Montreal. There will be an event on Saturday, November 23rd at... Read more →

Placement Agency Organizing at the IWC in 2018-2019

Over the past year, ATTAP has had three main priorities. Here, we will provide an overview of organizing activity which has taken place to advance those priorities.   Over the past year, the Immigrant Workers Centre has continued its efforts to organize workers who are employed via placement agency. The main organizing body that does this work is the Association des travailleuses-eurs temporaires et d’agences de placement (ATTAP), a branch... Read more →
Travailleurs guatemaltèques

Historic legal victory for migrant workers’ right to employment insurance

Press release   Immigrant Workers Centre, Mouvement Action-Chômage de Montréal, Association of Progressive Jurists (AJP)   Montreal May 24, 2019   On May 10th, 2019, the Tax Court of Canada made a historic ruling in recognizing that temporary foreign workers can be eligible to receive employment insurance (EI) benefits, even if they have worked without a valid work permit.   Accompanied by the Immigrant Workers Centre, a group of approximately... Read more →
Protégeons les travailleurs et travailleuses précaires - Mémoire sur la Loi modifiant la Loi sur les normes du travail et d’autres dispositions législatives afin principalement de faciliter la conciliation famille-travail (Mai 2018)

Protégeons les travailleurs et travailleuses précaires – Mémoire sur la Loi modifiant la Loi sur les normes du travail et d’autres dispositions législatives afin principalement de faciliter la conciliation famille-travail (Mai 2018)

Protégeons les travailleurs et travailleuses précaires - Mémoire sur la Loi modifiant la Loi sur les normes du travail et d’autres dispositions législatives afin principalement de faciliter la conciliation famille-travail (Mai 2018)

What’s Wrong with Rights? Social movements, law and liberal imaginations

Radha D’Souza in conversation with Dolores Chew (CERAS) Devlin Kuyek (GRAIN) Aziz Choudry (Immigrant Workers Centre/McGill University)   18H30, Wednesday 2 MayImmigrant Workers Centre 110-4755 Avenue Van Horne Metro Plamondon (Plamondon exit)   Radha D’Souza has worked as an organizer and lawyer for labour movements, democratic rights and social movements in the Asia Pacific region. As a legal scholar, she has written extensively on the politics, human rights and social... Read more →

Gathering for May Day 2018!

Organized by the Coalition against Precarious Work in front of the Labour Standards Commission 500 Rene-Levesque West , Montreal Tuesday May 1st @ 5pm-6pm   This May 1st, the Coalition Against Precarious Work (Pinay, Immigrant Workers Centre, Migrant Workers Association of Quebec, Temporary Agency Workers Association and Mexican United for  Regularization) will hold a gathering in front of the CNESST on 500 Rene Lévesque between 5pm and 6pm. The rally... Read more →

“That was a kidnapping”: CBSA cuts fence to deport Lucy Granados with only the clothes on her back

Press Release   Supporters call on Minister Hussen to Bring Lucy Home   Montreal, 16 April -- Lucy Francineth Granados arrived in Guatemala late on April 13th with only the clothes on her back after a turbulent final morning in Canada. Prevented from removing Lucy from the Laval Immigration Detention Centre by around 50 community... Read more →

Supporters demand justice, proper medical attention for Lucy Granados, who faces deportation Friday, April 13, 2018

Press Release Montreal, 11 April 2018 - Supporters of Lucy Francineth Granados demand recourse for rights violations as well as appropriate medical attention for the single mother of three, who is facing deportation to Guatemala on April 13th, after living in Montreal for nine years. On Monday, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) refused to grant an administrative stay of deportation to Lucy; on Tuesday, the agency opposed her motion... Read more →


COMPTE RENDU LA JOURNÉE DE RÉFLEXION SUR LE SALAIRE MINIMUM À 15 DOLLARS DE L’HEURE AU QUÉBEC Campagnes unies pour le salaire minimum à 15 $ l’heure Ce document est un compte rendu rédigé par le comité de coordination des campagnes unies pour le salaire minimum à 15 $ l’heure, basé sur les discussions menées lors de la « Journée de réflexion sur le salaire minimum à 15 dollars de... Read more →

Le regroupement régional se retire du processus gouvernemental

Communiqué de presse -- Pour publication immediate   Le regroupement régional chargé des consultations locales sur la discrimination systémique et le racisme annonce qu’il se retire du processus gouvernemental   Saguenay, 3 novembre 2017 – Le regroupement régional d’organismes chargé de mener les consultations locales dans le cadre de la « Consultation sur la discrimination systémique et le racisme au Québec », devenue le « Forum sur la valorisation de... Read more →


iwc, a set by Thien V on Flickr.

Agency Workers Have the Right to Holiday Pay. Did you get yours?

Agency Workers Have the Right to Holiday Pay. Did you get yours? If you didn't receive your holiday pay on May 21st, June 24th, or July 1st, bring your pay stubs to 4755 Van Horne, Suite 110 (near Metro Plamondon), on July 6th at 3:30pm. The Temporary Agency Worker's Association can help you claim it. https://www.facebook.com/events/500870933314562

Help us Keep the Immigrant Workers Centre open

The Immigrant Workers Centre has experienced one of it busiest years as more and more courageous workers, sometimes without status, fighting for respect and protection against bosses, who believe that workplace abuse is justified particularly if the worker is a recent immigrant or someone without status. Staff and volunteers at the centre accompany workers in their fight back. For individuals with grievances, it takes many hours to prepare cases, do... Read more →


WORKSHOP ON EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE & THE UNEMPLOYMENT OF TEMPORARY AGENCY WORKERS Saturday, June 1st, 2013, 4:00 pm Provided by Mouvement Action Chômage 4755 Van Horne Street, Suite # 110 Immigrant Worker Centre (IWC) To answer all your questions: Do I have the right to obtain unemployment benefits even if I don’t have papers? Am I entitled for unemployment insurance if I don’t have an actual job but am still employed... Read more →

IWC Meets with the Office of Minister Angès Maltais, Demanding Action (Press Conference)

When: Friday May 24th, at 6pm Where: In front of 800 Square Victoria, Montréal, QC H3C 1E8 Who: Migrant workers will be present to speak about their experiences and explain their demands On Friday, May 24th, a coalition of organizations who defend the rights of people struggling with precarious work and will meet with representatives from the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity (Minister Agnès Maltais). This meeting follows... Read more →

Montreal demonstrators demanding “STATUS FOR ALL” for migrants in Canada

Migrant justice organizations marching in four contingents from neighborhoods across the City of Montreal PRESS POINT (before the demonstration) SATURDAY, MAY 18 at 10AM at Phillips Square (Union & Ste-Catherine) contact: solidaritesansfrontieres@gmail.com / 438-875-7243 (cell) info: www.solidarityacrossborders.org for updates during the march, follow @SolidariteMTL on twitter Speakers at the Press Point will include members of Dignidad Migrante, the Immigrant Workers Center, Mexicans United for Regularization, No One Is Illegal-Montreal and Solidarity Across... Read more →


ARTISTS' BLOC du CTI-IWCyou are invited to join this exciting project in community activist art, co-created by workers and for workers to share stories of resistance and dignity in struggle. / FRIDAY MAY 30th at 3 P.M. Contact: iwc_cti@yahoo.ca, or 514-342-2111 Centre des Travailleurs et Travailleuses Immigrants (CTI-IWC) 4755 Van Horne, Bureau 110 Web: https://iwc-cti.ca/fr/mayworks2013/ FB: www.facebook.com/groups/197543913729369/


vous êtes invité.e.s à nous joindre pour ce projet inspirant en art communautaire et activiste, co-crée avec des travailleurs.ses et pour des travailleur.ses pour partager les expériences de résistance et de dignité dans nos luttes. / you are invited to join this exciting project in community activist art, co-created by workers and for workers to share stories of resistance and dignity in struggle. / les invitan a participar en un... Read more →

A mexican refugee and her Canadian daughter is detained the day before the Status for All March

Press Conference Friday, May 17th, 9:30am Immigration Canada 1010 Saint-Antoine Ouest, Montréal   With the friends of Ms Guzman and a representative of the Status for All Coaltion   Media Contact : 514-619-3648, 514-632-0072   The day before the annual status for all march for all migrants and for the end of detentions and deportations, six Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) agents violently entered the home of non-status Montrealer, Norma Guzman,... Read more →

The Immigrant Workers Centre celebrates migrant workers struggles through art

When: Saturday May 11, 2013 from 6:30pm-10:30pm Where: CEDA, 2515 Delisle (metro Lionel-Groulx)MONTREAL- May 9, 2013- The Immigrant Workers Centre is gearing up for its' eighth annual MayWorks festival. This year’s event will feature a debut performance of the Immigrant Workers Centre Community theatre project. Co-created by workers and for workers, the project aims to enable workers to share stories of resistance and dignity in struggle Engaging with a variety of... Read more →

March in solidarity with indigenous struggles

STATUS FOR ALL! March for justice and dignity for all migrants and refugees In solidarity with Indigenous struggles for self-determination SATURDAY, MAY 18, 20131pm: Join ONE of FOUR Contingents: * SOUTH-WEST (Little Burgundy, Pointe-Saint-Charles, Saint-Henri and Verdun) 1pm at métro de l’Église (corner Galt & Wellington) * NORTH-WEST (Côte-des-Neiges, Ville St-Laurent, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce) 1pm at Parc Kent (corner Cote-des-Neiges & Kent) * NORTH-EAST (Villeray, Parc-Extension, St-Michel, Ahuntsic, Rosemont-Petite-Patrie, Mile End) 1pm at métro Jarry; 2pm at... Read more →

Mayworks 2013!

Mayworks 2013! Community Dinner and Cultural Performances >óóóóóóóó< Saturday May 11th @ 6pm Doors at 6:30pm dinner and performances @ 7:30pm CÉDA (2515, rue Delisle), Métro Lionel-Groulx Admission is free, donations welcome! =>óóóóóóó<= Join us for the eighth annual Mayworks festival, a family friendly evening of food, music and performances celebrating migrant workers struggles through the arts. This year’s Mayworks! Will feature a debut performance of the Immigrant Workers Centre... Read more →

Migrant workers respond to federal and provincial governments’ ‘double-assault’ on rights of temporary foreign workers

Notice to the media Migrant workers respond to federal and provincial governments' 'double-assault' on rights of temporary foreign workers Wednesday May 1st, 2013 at 10 A.M.   Immigrants Workers’ Centre, 4755 Van Horne, office number 110 (Plamondon Metro), Montreal.   This May Day, a coalition of temporary foreign workers, live-in caregivers, temporary agency workers and workers without status is speaking out about changes announced Monday by the federal government to... Read more →

Press conference May 1st.

Notice to the media   Press conference on the petitions made to the Minister of Labour Agnès Maltais and follow-up on the consultation of April 5th, 2013.   Wednesday May 1st, 2013 at 10 A.M.   Immigrants Workers’ Centre, 4755 Van Horne, office number 110 (Plamondon Metro), Montreal.   During the last consultation on April 5th, several organisations that fight for the rights of the most vulnerable groups in our... Read more →

Community Groups Demand Better Protection for Precarious Workers

For immediate release April 3, 2013 Community Groups Demand Better Protection for Precarious Workers   On April 5th, the Immigrant Workers Center (IWC) and allied community organizations will put forward demands for a provincial law protecting precarious workers during a public assembly. Banding together under a common banner, domestic workers, migrant workers, undocumented workers and temporary agency workers will present their case pushing for legislation that includes CSST coverage for... Read more →

From Migrant Voices to MayWorks: Art Activism and Interventions with the IWC

From Migrant Voices to MayWorks: Art Activism and Interventions with the IWC Saturdays from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Feb. 8 to May 11 2013 Beginning this Saturday February 8th at 2:30 p.m. Immigrant Workers Centre 4755 Van Horne, Suite 110 Metro Plamondon or bus 161 The Immigrant Workers Centre (IWC) and Engrenage Rouage Noir invite participants to take part in a community activist art project, co-created by workers and... Read more →

Family of Four cruelly deported yesterday in Montreal!

Family of four cruelly deported Immigration Canada rushed to expel family before agreement with US expired Link To photos from Rally on October 29th to stop the deportation of the Des Roy Family => //picasaweb.google.com/fgNewmail/NewAlbum301009241PM?feat=email#   Montreal, 29 October 2009 -- A family of four was deported this morning after a very painful parting from friends, community members and supporters. Early this... Read more →

Migrant Voices: Justice for Noé Arteaga

On May 11 2012, Noé Arteaga faces labour arbitration with his former employer, Les Serres du St-Laurent Inc, the company that produces SAVOURA tomatoes. Noé came to Canada as a temporary foreign worker, but he was fired and deported to Guatemala after he helped organize a work-stoppage to get medical attention for a fellow worker. He is now seeking refugee status in Canada and is demanding justice from his former... Read more →

St-Joseph Migrant Worker Violently Accosted at Agricultural Workers’ Mass at St. Joseph’s Oratory

- For Immediate Release- Montreal, July 17 2012- Migrant worker and activist Noe Arteaga Santos was violently accosted and detained during a mass held for seasonal agricultural workers at St.Joseph's Oratory. Arteaga Santos had been present at the mass alongside members of Dignidad Migrante, Mexicans United for Regularization, and the Immigrant Workers Centre as part of a press conference held to raise awareness regarding the implications of the recent Bill... Read more →
Fight Back Work Place Justice for Immigrants

Fight Back: Work Place Justice for Immigrants; Book now available

Fight Back Work Place Justice for Immigrants By Aziz Choudry, Jill Hanley, Steve Jordan, Eric Shragge and Martha Stiegman Paperback $21.00 Displacement of people, migration, immigration and the demand for labour are connected to the fundamental restructuring of capitalism and to the reduction of working class power through legislation to free the market from “state interference.” The consequence is that a large number of immigrant and temporary foreign workers face... Read more →

Background and urgent action

FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHTS OF TEMPORARY AGENCY WORKERS IT’S HIGH TIME FOR GOVERNMENT ACTION! Au bas de l’ échelle’s and the Immigrant Workers Centre’s campaigning for the protection of the rights of temporary agency workers 1. Campaign: Background and urgent action 2. How to support the campaign? 3. Organizations that support the campaign 4.Campaign Updates 1. THE CAMPAIGN: BACKGROUND AND URGENT ACTION BACKGROUND The temporary recruitment agency industry is flourishing.... Read more →

Launch of the Temporary Agency Worker Association!

This past December 14th, A group of Temporary Placement Agency Workers raging from undocumented workers, from agency workers in hotels, day laborers working in greenhouses, to factory workers in distribution centres, to other where-house workers, and low wage workers In the health care sector came together to launch the Temporary Agency Worker Association.   The association aims to create a framework to campaign for the labour rights of agency workers.... Read more →

Justice for L’Amour textile workers!

The Struggle Continues: Support Picket with Immigrant Textile workers Justice for L'Amour textile workers!!! The Struggle Continues: Support Picket with Immigrant Textile workers :: Justice for L'Amour textile workers!!! ================== Monday July 14th, 2008 8:30am-9:30am 35 Port-Royal East. Port-Royal and St. Laurent. (metro Sauve)or 55 north from metro De castelnau get off at Port-Royal ================== On Monday July 14th, a group of textile workers once again will go in front... Read more →


02/02/12 , a photo by Thien V on Flickr.



CTI-IWC, a set by Malcolm Guy on Flickr.Galeria, Campañas del CTTI


DSC01913, a photo by Malcolm Guy on Flickr.


DSC01913, a photo by Malcolm Guy on Flickr.


02/02/12 , a photo by Thien V on Flickr.

Mayworks! Agency Workers! and saturdays at the office

Mayworks! Agency Workers! and saturdays at the office, a set on Flickr.Juste un autre samedi au centre travailleurs et travailleuses immigrants, Mayworks, des ateliers, une agence de rencontre travailleurs et la classe française./Just another Saturday at the Immigrant Workers Centre! Mayworks, workshops, agency workers meeting, and french class.

Des Voix Migrantes à Mayworks: L’Art Activiste et les Interventions avec le CTI / From Migrant Voices to MayWorks: Art Activism and Interventions with the IWC / De las voces migrantes a Mayworks: Arte activista e intervenciones con el CTI

Des Voix Migrantes à Mayworks: L’Art Activiste et les Interventions avec le CTI Les samedis de 14h30 à 17h30, le 8 février au 11 mai 2013 Première session ce samedi 16 février à 14h30 Centre des travailleurs et travailleuses immigrants 4755 rue Van Horne, Suite 110 Métro Plamondon ou bus 161 Le Centre des travailleurs et travailleuses immigrants (CTI) et Engrenage Rouage Noir vous invitent à participer à un projet d’art... Read more →

Des travailleurs agricoles migrants continuent leur lutte pour la justiceMigrant Farm Workers Continue Their Struggle for Justice

Avis aux médias Guatemala, pour lequel il a été obligé de payer lui-même. En outre, Arteaga Santos demande également que Savoura soit sur la liste noire pour les abus et exploitation auxquels elle soumet ses travailleurs. Il sera accompagné à l'arbitrage par Isaias Garcia Castillo, dont le contrat a pris fin en 2008, après ses recherches de soins de santé. «Depuis plus d'un mois, j'ai été privé de soins médicaux et j'ai... Read more →

CONCERT BÉNÉFICE POUR LE CENTRE DES TRAVAILLEURS ET TRAVAILLEUSES IMMIGRANTS, AVEC: Stefan Christoff et invités / Mussaver/James Irwin/ le Projet Radio Voix MigrantesA NIGHT OF MUSIC FOR THE IMMIGRANT WORKERS CENTRE with Stefan Christoff & guests/ Mussaver/ James Irwin / Migrant Voices Radio Project

Le samedi 3 novembre, joignez-vous à nous lors de cette soirée de musique et de discussions consacrée aux luttes et victoires des travailleurs immigrants, avec : Stefan Christoff au piano en duo avec Brahja Waldman (sax) Peter Burton (basse) et Sam Shalabi (oud) //www.soundcloud.com/spirodon/ ++++ Mussaver //www.myspace.com/mussaver ++++ James Irwin: //jamesirwin.ca ++++ Présentation des producteurs du projet radio Voix Migrantes : https://iwc-cti.ca/campagnescampaigns/migrant-voices-iwc-radio/?lang=fr SAMEDI 3 NOVEMBRE 20H00, MUSIQUE 21H00 10$ ou... Read more →

Celebrating our victories – 2012 Immigrant Workers Center Annual General Meeting.

Friday October 19th @ 6pm Immigrants Worker Centre 4755 Van Horne Ave, suite 110 Plamondon Metro    Food, beverages, and celebrations! This year we want our annual general meeting to be an opportunity for a very important celebration. Workers will be present to celebrate with us our victories from the struggles we've waged together for their rights and dignity. We will also be acknowledging our past Coordinators for their hard work and the achievements the IWC gained... Read more →

Projection de film: “The End of Immigration” Film Screening & Discussion: “The End of Immigration”Proyeccion de cine: “The End of Immigration”

Lundi, le 15 Octobre, le groupe Cinema Politica présente "La Fin de l'Immigration", le nouveau film de cinéastes Montrealais Marie Boti et Malcolm Guy. Le film est au sujet des politiques d'immigration régressifs de l'État Canadien et des personnes les plus touchées par ces politiques. La bande-annonce du film, ainsi qu'une description complète, se trouve à //www.cinemapolitica.org/film/end-immigration. On Monday October 15th, Cinema Politica presents "The End of Immigration", a new... Read more →

Compétences pour le changement / Skills for Change / Habilidades para el cambio

Skills For Change A program ‘Skills for Change’ teaches computer literacy and while incorporating workplace analysis and information of rights. Generally the course runs for a duration of at least 8 weeks in which participants are given the opportunity to learn about workers rights, labour rights and social policy education through the use of computer skills. Throughout the 8 session course members will be required to acquire and utilize many... Read more →

Le Devoir Lettre – Et la précarité des emplois?

Lettre - Et la précarité des emplois? Manon Camiré - Le 28 août 2012 31 août 2012 Québec Dans cette campagne électorale, on nous parle de corruption, on se crêpe le chignon, mais on ne parle pas des réalités qui sont moins accrocheuses. On ne nous parle pas de la honte qu’une société riche comme la nôtre ait recours aux banques alimentaires pour aider les plus démunis, qui sont de... Read more →

Point de presse lors de la 5e édition de la « Fiesta des cultures » à propos des conditions précaires des travailleurs temporairesMedia conference at the 5th Annual “Fiesta of Cultures” about the precarious conditions of temporary workers

Avis aux médias Point de presse lors de la 5e édition de la « Fiesta des cultures » à propos des conditions précaires des travailleurs temporaires Vendredi le 24 août, 2012 à 18 h Entrée principale du centre communautaire, 25, rue Saint-Sauveur, Saint-Rémi Non seulement la mise en place de la controversée loi C38 le 18 juin dernier affecte de façon radicale les migrants et immigrants à travers le pays,... Read more →

Migrant Voices – August 6th

In this edition of Migrant Voices, we present the testimony of a Filipino machinist who came to Canada through the temporary foreign worker program. During the interview, he recounts the wage discrimination and racist bullying he faced in the workplace. In addition, he speaks to his experience as a union-organizer working in a militarized free-trade zone in the Philippines and to the conditions that give rise to migration for many... Read more →

Les Voix migrantes: 30 juillet, 2012 Migrant Voices: IWC Radio Jul 30, 2012

Un travailleur mexicain raconte son travail comme boucher, jusqu’à 80 heures par semaine dans des conditions de travail esclavagistes. Son patron possédait ses papiers d’identité et contrôlait son compte en banque. Ce dernier l’empêchait de chercher des soins médicaux. Lorsqu’il a quitté son emploi après trois ans, son patron a refusé de lui rendre son visa de travail, ce qui l’a obligé à travailler sans statut légal à Montréal. Il... Read more →

Rendez-vous à l’aeroport pour dénoncer la déportation de Manuel SanchezAirport Action to Denounce the Deportation of Manuel Sanchez

Le gouvernement canadien procédera jeudi le 26 juillet à la déportation de Manuel Sanchez, malgré les risques de torture, de violence et d’atteinte à sa vie qui l’attendent au Mexique. Allons dénoncer et crier notre colère envers ces politiques d’immigration néolibérales, discriminatoires, criminelles et racistes! Non à la déportation de Manuel et à toutes les autres! Non aux détentions! Honte au gouvernement canadien et sa loi C-31. Justice pour les... Read more →


On the program today, we present the story of a Filipina worker and member of PINAY, who came to Canada as a Live-In Caregiver. In this interview, she speaks of her reasons for coming to Canada, her experiences working in Montreal, and the difficulties she encountered. PINAY, founded in 1991, is a Filipino Women's Organization that works to empower and organize Filipino women in Quebec, particularly Filipino domestic workers. Most... Read more →

Migrant Worker Violently Accosted at Agricultural Workers’ Mass at St. Joseph’s Oratory; The IWC denounces Bill C38

In this interview, the IWC's Amy Darwish discusses the impacts of Bill C-38 on migrant workers, and the experience of Noé Arteaga, a migrant worker who was violently accosted last Sunday at St Joseph's Oratory. This interview aired on Labour Radio (CKUT, 90.3 FM) on July 19, 2012. //archive.org/download/AmyDarwishOfTheImmigrantWorkersCentreOnC38sImpactsOnMigrantWorkers/amyOFFTHEHOURJuly192012.mp3 Please see these previous posts on C-38 and migrant workers, the story of Noé Arteaga, and his assault at St-Joseph's Oratory.

Les Voix Migrantes: Radio CTI – 16 juillet, 2012

Le Centre des Travailleurs et Travailleuses Immigrants présente un inteview avec un travailleur d’agence temporaire qui nous parle notamment des préjugés à l'endroit des immigrants, du chomage et des travaux physiques qu'ils excercent pour un salaire minimum - surtout au centre de distribution de Dollarama. Les Voix Migrantes est une compilation de témoignages des gens qui sont venus au Canada en tant que travailleurs et travailleuses (im)migrants. Veuillez partager ces... Read more →

Les Voix Migrantes: Radio CTI! 9 juillet, 2012Migrant Voices: IWC Radio! July 9, 2012

Un travailleur d’agence de placement  raconte son expérience avec les travaux très physiques et précaires donnés, en grand parti, uniquement aux immigrants racialisés (souvent peu importe leurs compétences acquis dans leurs pays d’origine). Des membres du CTI discutent ces probèmes aux ondes de CKUT. Musique: Duets for Abdelrazik (Sam Shalabi & Stefan Christoff) et23 & Kader. La programme est disponible pour téléchargement içi. Les Voix Migrantes est une compilation de... Read more →

Migrant Voices: IWC Radio! July 2, 2012

The Immigrant Workers Centre presents the vivid testimony of a temporary agency worker about the dangerous and difficult conditions he faced on the job in Montreal. Interview by Noé Arteaga, followed by discussion by IWC volunteer Yumna Siddiqi and workshops coordinator Leah Freeman. This segment aired on CKUT, 90.3 FM on Monday July 2, 2012. The Migrant Voices project is a collection of audio testimonies about the experiences of people... Read more →


CKUT 90.3 FM  etait présente Voix Migrantes, un projet du Centre des travailleurs et travailleuses immigrants (CTI), tous les lundis de 11h00 à 11h30 à partir du 2 juillet jusqu’à la fin août.Les Voix Migrantes est une compilation de témoignages des gens qui sont venus au Canada en tant que travailleurs (im)migrants.  

Migrant Voices

Migrant Voices is a series of testimonies recorded in workshops organized by the IWC. In these segments, workers share their stories about their lives and struggles in their places of work. This project is part of the ongoing efforts of the IWC to help organize workers to defend their rights, and to raise awareness about im/migrant labour justice in Montreal. In these recordings, workers tell of their struggles for dignity... Read more →

Votre émission des samedis : « Las noches del trabajo »!Your Saturday program: “Las noches del trabajo”!Su programa sabatino: “Las noches del trabajo”!

Émission d'information et d'éducation sur tous les aspects liés au travail pris sous toutes ses formes. Nous sommes à l'écoute des gens, alors, écoutez-nous et appelez-nous en direct. Quand : chaque deux samedis de 21 h 45 à 22 h 30 Où : Radio Centre-Ville (102.3FM) Prochaine émission : le 30 juin Radio program of information and education on all aspects related to work taken in its broader aspect. We... Read more →

Pour travailleurs et travailleuses d’agences de placement: BBQ Samedi 7 jullietTemp agency workers association: BBQ Saturday July 7Barbacoa

L'association des travailleuses et des travailleurs et travailleuses d'agences de placement temporaire vous invite ainsi que votre famille pour un BBQ en après-midi au parc Jarry. Invitez vos amis et vos collègues de travail, tous sont les bienvenus! Parc Jarry (métro Castelnau) St Laurent et Fallion O. Samedi 7 juillet 2012 à 12 h (en cas de pluie: 14 juillet) The Temporary Agency Workers Association invites you and your family... Read more →

Mercredi, le 20 juin: luttes des travailleurs-euses de Méxique à Montréal présenté sur TVAWednesday, June 20: Struggles of Mexican workers in Montreal to be featured on TVAMiércoles, 20 de junio: Las luchas de los trabajadores mexicanos en Montreal que se ofrecerá en TVA

Mercredi à 18h, TVA Québec va diffuser un reportage portant sur les conditions de travail vécues par des travailleurs-euses de Méxique, dans une usine d'exploitation de jus de fruit de Montréal. Aadi Ndir, un de nos organisateurs communautaire au CTI, s'est entretenu avec Olivier Bourque afin de parler de façon plus générale difficultés dont font face les immigrantEs qui viennent de s'installer au pays. Écoutez le 18h, mercredi le 20... Read more →

Sunday May 20: Mayworks Celebration

MayWorks! Celebrating migrant worker struggles through the arts Sunday May 20, 2012 5:30 pm- 9:30 pm Centre William Hingston 419 St. Roch Metro Parc, or bus 80 The Immigrant Workers Centre will be hosting its' 6th annual MayWorks! event, a family-friendly festival celebrating working class movements in theater, music, words, and song. MayWorks! is held on the occasion of May Day- the real Labour Day- which commemorates the  struggle of... Read more →

Le 26 Mai: Un Statut pour toutes et tous! May 26: March for Status for all!

UN STATUT POUR TOUTES ET TOUS! Marche pour la justice et la dignité pour tout-es les immigrant-es et les réfugié-es SAMEDI LE 26 MAI 2012 Rassemblement à MIDI Jean-Talon et Boyer (à quelques rues à l’est du métro Jean-Talon) MONTRÉAL STATUS FOR ALL! March for justice and dignity for all migrants and refugees SATURDAY, MAY 26, 2012 Gathering at NOON Jean Talon & Boyer, just east of métro Jean-Talon MONTREAL... Read more →

Media Advisory: Rally in support of migrant farm worker

Friday May 11, 8:00 am Holiday Inn, 99 Viger Avenue West (Metro Place d'Armes), Montreal A rally in support of Noé Arteaga and temporary migrant farm workers seeking justice and dignity in Quebec. Les Serres du St-Laurent Inc, a Quebec company which produces Savoura tomatoes, summarily fired and deported Arteaga Santos to Guatemala after he and other workers participated in a work stoppage to draw attention to the plight of... Read more →

*Le mardi 1er mai: Le Centre travailleurs et travailleuses immigrant se joindra à deux manifestations du premier mai:May 1st: The Immigrant Workers Centre will Join two demonstrations

**Le mardi 1er mai, le Centre travailleurs et travailleuses immigrant se joindra à deux manifestations du premier mai: 1 - Anti-capitaliste 1 mai le temps d'assemblage à 16:15 coin St-Antoine et Gosford métro Champs-de-Mars 2 - rassemblement des syndicats pour le 1er mai le temps d'assemblage à 18:00 coin Louis Hébert et Beaubien métro D'Iberville Chercher notre bannière! FAITES CIRCULER LIBREMENT - Joignez-vous à la MANIFESTATION ANTICAPITALISTE DU 1er MAI 2012,... Read more →

Le CTI vous propose une émission de musiques et histoires de lutte au milieu de travailMigrant Voices on World Skip the Beat: music and stories of workplace struggle

Le CTI invite ses amiEs à suivre cette émission musicale à travers laquelle est exprimés les déboires des travailles-euses migrantEs. //archive.org/download/Ckut90.3Fm-WorldSkipTheBeat-HostedByTheImmigrantWorkersCentreOf/20120326.12.00-14.00.mp3 On Monday, the Immigrant Workers Centre hosted the radio show World Skip the Beat on CKUT, 90.3 FM. The program features musical selections chosen by a worker of Mexican origin, and his stories of workplace struggle in Montreal. His identity is confidential due to the risk of employer retaliation.... Read more →

Invitation : Souper pour la campagne de financement du Centre des Travailleuses et Travailleurs Immigrants L’une des activités de La Conférence « New Voices in Labor » du 2 au 3 mars 2012Invitation: Immigrant Workers Centre, fundraiser dinner as part of the New Voices in Labor Conference March 2nd-march 3rd

Vendredi 2 mars à 19hrs 4755 Van Horne, bureau 110 (Métro Plamondon) Le Centre des Travailleuses et Travailleurs Immigrants (CTI) organise un souper le vendredi 2 mars pour les participants de la Conférence. Le coût du souper est de 20 $ par personne. Il est gratuit si vous devenez un commanditaire annuel du Centre à travers notre programme de dons mensuels. https://iwc-cti.ca/ Pour participer ou s'inscrire pour la conférence «... Read more →

Association de travailleurs temporaires d’agences : dîner et discussionTemporary Agency Workers Association: Dinner and Discussion Asociación de trabajadores temporales de agencias: cena y discusión

Samedi 25 février 2012 de 18 h à 20 h Centre de travailleuses et travailleurs immigrants 4755, av. Van Horne, bureau 110 (métro Plamondon) Amenez vos enfants et vos idées. Nous allons partager le repas (apporter de la nourriture si vous le pouvez). C'est le deuxième dîner et la deuxième discussion sur notre association. S'il vous plaît, informez vos amis et vos collègues de travail que tous sont les bienvenus! Pour de plus... Read more →
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