Sunday May 20: Mayworks Celebration

MayWorks! Celebrating migrant worker struggles through the arts

Sunday May 20, 2012
5:30 pm- 9:30 pm
Centre William Hingston
419 St. Roch
Metro Parc, or bus 80

The Immigrant Workers Centre will be hosting its’ 6th annual MayWorks! event, a family-friendly festival celebrating working class movements in theater, music, words, and song. MayWorks! is held on the occasion of May Day- the real Labour Day- which commemorates the  struggle of working people around the world.


Historically, May Day has always been rooted in migrant struggles. Immigrant workers were on the frontlines at the time of the Haymarket demonstrations in 1886, when thousands of workers and families- many of them Polish, German, and Czech immigrants- took to the streets to call for an eight-hour work day. In 2006, over two million marched across the United States to stand in solidarity with undocumented people and reclaim May Day for immigrant workers. This year, despite the institutionalization of precarious work through temporary foreign worker programs, the rise of temporary placement agencies, the advent of austerity measures, and the criminalization of migrants and refugees, immigrant workers are continuing to fight for justice and dignity.

Join us for an evening of food, music, and performances to highlight our victories and celebrate our struggles . The event will also feature a screening of “An End to Immigration?”, a documentary film directed by Marie Boti and Malcolm Guy that charts the experiences of migrant workers under the temporary foreign worker program and calls into question the future of the immigration system in Canada as we know it.

Admission is free. Donations are welcome.

Venue is wheelchair accessible and childcare will be provided on-site.
Bring your kids! All are welcome!

For more information:

Tel: 514-342-2111