Press conference May 1st.

Notice to the media


Press conference on the petitions made to the Minister of Labour Agnès Maltais and follow-up on the consultation of April 5th, 2013.


Wednesday May 1st, 2013 at 10 A.M.


Immigrants Workers’ Centre, 4755 Van Horne, office number 110 (Plamondon Metro), Montreal.


During the last consultation on April 5th, several organisations that fight for the rights of the most vulnerable groups in our society got together to have an open discussion on the phenomenon of precarious work.  The Minister of Labour, Agnès Maltais, was invited to this event to express our point of view and the demands that should be considered as part of the new proposed law on precarious work:


a) To demand that each agency acquire an annually renewable license.

b) To ensure that only credible and responsible agencies receive this permit, and to withdraw it if they are incapable of abiding by existing labour laws and regulations.

c) To give a security deposit that will, if necessary, cover the cost of all deductions taken from agency workers.

d) To demand that all agencies make known, as quickly as possible, any changes in their contact details or administration.

e) To establish fines for companies that do business with temporary work agencies that do not have a valid permit.

f)  To establish a principle of co-responsibility between temporary placement agencies and their corporate clients in accordance with Quebec labour laws that will guarantee that workers’ rights are respected.

-To hold temporary placement agencies as well as their corporate clients responsible for the workers they hire when financial issues (salary, paid vacations, etc.) are at stake.

-To hold either temporary placement agencies or their corporate clients (or both) responsible for workers’ rights violations (as is the case with unjustified firing, physical or psychological harassment, etc.)

g) To thoroughly enforce labour laws.

h) To make sure that temporary placement agencies and their corporate clients are responsible for everything pertaining to health and work security. This includes compensations from CSST.

i) To demand that the corporate clients of temporary work agencies permanently hire agency workers after three months of work.


During this press conference we will hold a follow up of the meeting and demand the labour minister to take into account the point of view of those directly affected by the proposed law; people with precarious status and employment situations.




For more information please contact:

The Immigrant Workers Centre, (514) 342-2111

Noé Arteaga (French)

Mostafa Henaway (English)



Immigrant Workers’ Centre (CTI-IWC)

Temporary Agency Workers’ Association (ATTAP-TAWA)


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