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September 4th, 2012

Skills For Change

A program ‘Skills for Change’ teaches computer literacy and while incorporating workplace analysis and information of rights. Generally the course runs for a duration of at least 8 weeks in which participants are given the opportunity to learn about workers rights, labour rights and social policy education through the use of computer skills.

Throughout the 8 session course members will be required to acquire and utilize many of the common computer skills which are taken for granted in Canadian Society. The exercises and trainings will centre around computer use in terms of creating, formatting and editing documents to a wide range of activities including those required by a community organizer such as establishing contacts with other organizations through email contacts and web searches on social policies currently affecting immigrants and workers.

In this manner, participants will be exposed to a variety of exercises which train individuals with the skills of community organizing as well as knowledge of the current practices and policies which affect workers and immigrants in their community.

Please contact the Immigrant Workers’ Centre for more details, course registration and volunteering opportunities. Contact us.