New on-line book celebrates IWC’s first decade of advancing and defending im-migrant workers’ rights

Hard to believe, but the Immigrant Workers’ Centre (IWC) is about to celebrate 10 years of working to defend and advance the rights of immigrant and migrant workers. There are so very many stories to tell since the doors first opened in 2001, so it’s with great pride that we announce the on-line publication of a book celebrating the IWC’s first decade.

Entitled, “The untold story of the IWC”, the e-book was compiled by by Janet Lumb and edited by Eric Shragge, who organized a crew of past and present IWC volunteers, members and staff to tell the stories of the workers struggles to defend their rights and welfare and to set in place the building blocks for a new society based on true democracy and genuine justice for all.

To download “The untold story of the IWC” in pdf format please click here!

Enjoy the read, your comments and feedback are more than welcome, in fact, they’re crucial!!