Celebrating our victories – 2012 Immigrant Workers Center Annual General Meeting.

Friday October 19th @ 6pm

Immigrants Worker Centre

4755 Van Horne Ave, suite 110

Plamondon Metro 


Food, beverages, and celebrations!

This year we want our annual general meeting to be an opportunity for a very important celebration. Workers will be present to celebrate with us our victories from the struggles we’ve waged together for their rights and dignity. We will also be acknowledging our past Coordinators for their hard work and the achievements the IWC gained under their leadership.

From migrant workers struggle for CSST coverage and EI benefits, to hunting down fly-by-night agencies to compensate unpaid wages, to struggles of workers to gain permanent status and end precarity; it is moments like these that we need to take the time to recognize our victories with our friends, families and our community.

Join for us in honoring the workers and our organizers and to help us go forward for more victories in the coming years.