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Coalition Against Precarious Work

Jul 26

The Coalition Against Precarious Work was created in 2012 with the aim of organising precarious workers and representing their demands. Eight years after the foundation of the Coalition, the IWC-CTI proposes to renew the Coalition, starting with the list of affiliated groups and then the main demands.

The context of the pandemic has highlighted the contribution and essential role of (im)migrant workers to the smooth functioning of Quebec society and economy. Indeed, many (im)migrant workers held positions in essential sectors during the first wave of COVID-19, often putting their own health and safety at risk. Despite the obvious health risk, (im)migrant workers went to the “front”. For example, asylum seekers responded massively to the labour shortage in CHSLDs. The context of the pandemic also exposed the injustices faced by (im)migrant workers, as well as the inability of government institutions to respond to social issues.

Following exchanges with workers, the IWC-CTI proposes to re-launch the main demands of the Coalition against Precarious Work and to focus its demands and activities for the next few years on two issues: 1) health and safety at work and 2) regularisation of immigration status (access to permanent residence).

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Essential Work should not be Precarious Work: Workers speak up for better conditions during COVID-19 Pandemic

What: Press Conference (Zoom link available by request) When: 10am Friday May 1st, 2020 Who: Coalition against Precarious Work Jorge Frozzini, Community Organizer Immigrant Workers Centre Charles, former Dollarama warehouse worker living in Montreal Nord Andrew and his mother, meat processing plant worker Eric, Current agricultural worker and Temporary Foreign Worker Celina San Juan, precarious worker fighting for her status and access to the CERB Jennifer, a caregiver who has... Read more →

Community Groups Demand Better Protection for Precarious Workers

For immediate release April 3, 2013 Community Groups Demand Better Protection for Precarious Workers   On April 5th, the Immigrant Workers Center (IWC) and allied community organizations will put forward demands for a provincial law protecting precarious workers during a public assembly. Banding together under a common banner, domestic workers, migrant workers, undocumented workers and temporary agency workers will present their case pushing for legislation that includes CSST coverage for... Read more →
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