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TAWA Women’s Committee (TAWA-WC)

The TAWA Women's Committee aims to shed light on the specific issues that women with precarious immigration status face in the workplace. The Committee is fighting for the regularization of immigration status, access to healthcare, and access to justice for all. Origins of the TAWA Women's Committee In 2014, the Temporary Agency Workers Association (TAWA) established the Leadership Development for Women Factory Agency Workers which, as the name suggests, aimed... Read more →

Coalition Against Precarious Work

The Coalition Against Precarious Work was created in 2012 with the aim of organising precarious workers and representing their demands. Eight years after the foundation of the Coalition, the IWC-CTI proposes to renew the Coalition, starting with the list of affiliated groups and then the main demands. The context of the pandemic has highlighted the contribution and essential role of (im)migrant workers to the smooth functioning of Quebec society and... Read more →

COVID-19 and your rights

Be Safe at Work; Practice Social Solidarity Protecting your labour rights during the COVID-19 crisis is a matter of public health   Occupational Health and Safety The employer must apply the necessary hygiene measures to limit the spread of the virus. They cannot force you to work in unsafe conditions. Refusing Unsafe Work A worker has the... Read more →
Temporary Agency Workers Association (TAWA-ATTAP)

Temporary Agency Workers Association (TAWA-ATTAP)

Mission Statement We aim to create a framework of reflection and promotion of labour rights, as well as work towards improving working conditions for temporary placement agency workers regardless of their immigration status Objectives Outreach, raise consciousness, mobilize and help organize workers Identify, discuss and resolve problems at the workplace Educate about labour rights (workshops) Raise awareness about agency workers' situation among unions, employers and anyone having contact with them... Read more →
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